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Alec Baldwin Now Places Blame on Two Specific People for ‘Rust’ Shooting

The actor who fatally shot actress Halyna Hutchins during filming of the movie “Rust” denies responsibility, blames two others instead.

Alec Baldwin has described the fatal shooting of Hutchins and wounding of director Joel Souza, as an accident. The actor claimed he was informed the gun he was handed for use in a scene was a “cold gun,” indicating it was not loaded with live ammunition.

Critics contend celebrities should not be given “Get out of Jail Free” cards just because they are rich and famous.

The Daily Wire further reported:

On Friday, CNN reported that Baldwin pinned the blame for Hutchins’ death last October on two of his colleagues. According to the Left-leaning movie star, the fault for the tragedy really lies with the movie’s armorer and props assistant, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, as well as assistant director Dave Halls.

“Someone put a live bullet in the gun who should have known better,” Baldwin told CNN. “That was [Gutierrez Reed’s] job. Her job was to look at the ammunition and put in the dummy round or the blank round, and there wasn’t supposed to be any live rounds on the set.”

“There are two people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do,” he alleged. “I’m not sitting there saying I want them to, you know, go to prison, or I want their lives to be hell. I don’t want that, but I want everybody to know that those are the two people that are responsible for what happened.”

In the interview, Baldwin pondered aloud why his two colleagues failed to take more precautions with the firearm.

“Why didn’t [Gutierrez Reed] check that bullet? Why didn’t Halls obey her?” Baldwin continued. “Why did he give me the gun? Why didn’t he check? Why did he tell the crew [it was a cold gun]?”

In a statement given to CNN, Gutierrez Reed’s attorney said,  “We disagree with Mr. Baldwin’s attempts to deflect blame onto others. It is not for him to decide or to apportion blame.”

Halls’ attorney also told the outlet,  “Baldwin is pointing the finger at others because the evidence is pointing at him.”



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