Actress Patricia Heaton Shares a Powerful Message to Christians After Tuesday’s ‘Despairing’ ‘Election Results’ - Tucker
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Actress Patricia Heaton Shares a Powerful Message to Christians After Tuesday’s ‘Despairing’ ‘Election Results’

On Wednesday, actress Patricia Heaton shared a message for Christians who might be feeling “disappointed or despairing” after the hoped-for Republican red wave in the 2022 midterms didn’t quite come to fruition.

The 64-year-old conservative actress wrote a Twitter post to her hundreds of thousands of followers that the results were a reminder that “our security does not rest in men or governments” but in God.

“For those of you who are Christians and who feel disappointed or despairing of the election results, it is a blessing to be reminded that our security does not rest in men or governments, which are finite and will eventually crumble, but in God alone who is ever sustaining,” the star’s post read.

One follower told the actress she wondered if “the press purposely misled” us with talks before Tuesday of a red tsunami. The person also wrote that Heaton was “right — we can never put our faith in politicians. I am more and more disappointed with each election, each one is worse than the previous. God help our country.”

“I think it is helpful to develop a healthy skepticism of all things media and political,” Heaton replied. “Never buy into what you are being fed by these folks.”

Another follower wrote that they wondered if everything that happened Tuesday night was “God’s will at work? I mean sincerely, who seems to act most like Jesus these days? (Quick hint, it’s not Republicans). And the moment you politicize religion you’ve proven you missed Jesus message entirely.”

Heaton tweeted back, saying, “I absolutely believe God’s will is at work, regardless of who is in power. Some Christians happy with the results, some Christians sad. But no Christian should put their faith in the government for their hope.”

The actress’ sentiment seemed to resonate with many of her followers who wrote and thanked Heaton for the “reminder” following the unexpected difficulties posed to the Republican Party on Tuesday evening, leaving the GOP hoping for a small majority in the House and leaving Senate control up in the air.

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